“Can I Just Get Adjusted?” and Other AC Spine & Wellness FAQs

As you probably know, especially if you are a current patient of AC Spine & Wellness Center, we offer an innovative, holistic approach to health and wellness. With two licensed Doctors of Chiropractic on staff, you already know that you can come in for adjustments with Dr. A or Dr. C, according to your customized treatment plan. But, did you know that…

You can get tested for food sensitivities, as well?
How about natural treatment for knee pain or injuries?
We offer in-house thermal imaging as an alternative to painful mammograms?
We can treat frozen shoulder syndrome,
Foot pain,
ADHD, and much more – all naturally?

If you are surprised to learn this, read below to discover answers to more of your most frequently asked questions.

Q: Can I just get adjusted?
A: Yes!

You can come to AC Spine & Wellness Center for a complete spinal exam, x-rays and the doctors’ recommendations for optimum spinal health. Then, you can get adjusted – weekly, biweekly, monthly – per your customized treatment plan. You will always have the option to add supplements and other services to your chiropractic care plan, but if you just want to stay adjusted, we welcome you to choose only that option.

Q: How do I get tested for food sensitivities?
A: Ask us next time you are in the clinic, or call to make an appointment for food sensitivity testing.

Anyone who is currently a patient, or would like to become one, can contact our clinic to request an appointment for food sensitivity testing. Our knowledgeable staff will give you all the details so you know what to expect at your appointment. Food sensitivity testing is done in-house as another service we offer to anyone wanting to eat healthier, combat allergies, or minimize a handful of other symptoms that could be food-related.

Q: How can a chiropractor help me lose weight?
A: AC is so much more than a chiropractic office! We offer nutritional counseling, too.

We can offer you specific recommendations for a customized nutritional plan that will not only help you eat healthier foods, but lose weight as well, if that is your goal. We don’t believe in dieting at AC, but we do believe in a healthy lifestyle and we can show you how to live it naturally, starting today!

Q: Dr. C recommended that I take supplements. Why can’t I buy them at Wal-Mart or anywhere else vitamins are sold?
A: The supplements that we recommend are pharmaceutical grade and organically based with the highest level of ingredients possible, so we can be sure that you are getting only the safest supplements.

Many stores offer discounted supplements, but you don’t always know what you are getting, and the ingredients could be toxic to your system! Most of the products we offer are only available through a doctor’s office.

Q: Does AC offer massage therapy?
A: Yes! We have a licensed massage therapist (LMT) on staff.

As a complement to chiropractic care, AC offers massage therapy as a way to help relieve musculoskeletal pain for many of our patients. Ask a staff member how you can make an appointment for an in-house massage to help relieve your pain, improve circulation and relax your muscles.

Q: I was told my frozen shoulder is incurable. How can AC help me?
A: Dr. C is one of only two certified frozen shoulder specialists in the state of Georgia.

Dr. Cavallo has been trained and certified in the OTZ method of treating Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (FSS). He has helped hundreds of patients resolve this painful and debilitating condition. Ask Dr. C how he can help you regain motion and combat pain with this natural, non-invasive approach to FSS.

Q: Can AC diagnose and treat my child’s ADHD?
A: We do not diagnose ADD or ADHD, but we can help you and your child manage the symptoms without the use of dangerous medications.

The AC Spine & Wellness approach to healthier living…naturally, includes getting to the root of any health issue. Our in-house medical team offers comprehensive testing that allows us to analyze body chemistry, food sensitivity, mineral analysis, toxicity, and deficiencies and imbalances that may be contributing to the negative effects and symptoms of ADHD. Once we discover what’s going on metabolically and chemically within yours or your child’s body, we can recommend how to correct the problems naturally and holistically.
AC Spine & Wellness offers a variety of health and wellness services, all meant to work together, or stand alone, to help you achieve optimum health. We hope we have answered many of your questions about these services. Please take a look around our website for more information. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. We look forward to helping you become a healthier version of you…naturally.

Dr. Jeanette Altieri
Dr. Louis Cavallo

Dr. Jeanette Altieri Dr. Jeanette Altieri is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Lawrenceville community for more than 20 years.She is certified in the Webster technique, a safe and gentle technique for turning breech babies, with specialty areas in Nutrition, Pediatrics, and Pregnancy. She is an international speaker, speaking to chiropractors, their families and staff about the care of infants, children, pregnancy and motivation. She also co-hosted a local radio talk show, “Health Talk,” to help educate people on the benefits of alternative therapies and wellness.

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