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Patient Profile: Anthony R. SocciPatient Profile: Anthony R. Socci


AC Spine & Wellness patient, Anthony R. Socci (Tony), is living proof that it is never too late to live a healthier life. Here is his story, as told by me, his daughter, who also happens to be a patient at AC as well as the writer of this blog.

Dad and Me on his 75th BirthdayTony first came to AC because of my recommendations/urgings/threats. “Go get adjusted!” I kept telling my father, but he is older than me and why should he take advice from the person who asks it so often of him? So, over the last seven years, every chance I got, when he mentioned that his ear was plugged, or that he was having trouble turning his neck all the way to the left, I snuck in a, “You know, AC can help with that.”

“Spines are hereditary,” Dr. C had told me years earlier when I began bringing my not-yet-three-year-old daughter to get adjusted. Although math is not my forte, I put two and two together and realized that if my daughter inherited her spine from me, then I must have inherited my spine from my parents. (I have an acute sense of deductive reasoning, wouldn’t you say?)

“Dad,” I would ask again and again, “did you call AC, yet? Do you want me to call them for you?”


Finally, all my subliminal suggestions – and the 365 Card that lets any new patient get a free exam and X-rays – paid off. Dad called AC and made an appointment. That was more than six months ago, during which time he has been going to the office for regular adjustments, two or three times a week. In that time, he has been discussing his progress with me.

“You know, I didn’t realize how stiff my neck was, but now I can turn my head all the way to the left.” Dad told me after about a month of spinal adjustments.

“That’s awesome, Dad!” I had said. “Now I don’t have to worry about you not being able to turn your head far enough to see traffic in your blind spot when you want to change lanes.”

“You were worried about that?” my father asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, Dad. Yes I was. You taught me to look behind me before changing lanes, and it kind of scared me that you couldn’t anymore.”


Next, my father told me that his ear that has been perpetually plugged for the last 10 years, suddenly cleared up. “I’ve had tubes in my ear and have taken all kinds of sinus medicine, and nothing ever worked,” Dad told me. “Now that I have been getting adjusted, I can hear out of both ears!”

“What?” I asked. As he began to repeat himself, he saw the look on my face and laughed.

Several more months went by and my dad religiously attended his appointments at AC, getting adjusted by Dr. A, and talking to her about his improvements and his health goals. One additional benefit of his regular chiropractic appointments is that I get to meet him for coffee once a week after his adjustment, and he reports his progress, and we talk about who is running for president and what the pope said, and how we can help create world peace, and other pressing issues like how we might sell enough of his homemade sauce and meatballs to buy a house at the beach.

About three weeks ago, on one such coffee date with my dad, he announced. “I am taking a yoga class.”

“Really?” I asked, rather surprised. “That’s awesome!”

“Yes, and I joined a gym, too.” Dad informed me. “I am going to do something active every day. Once we are done with our coffee, I am going to walk on the treadmill. I might even try the rowing machine.”

I was ecstatic over this news! My dad has an energetic spirit and I was so happy to see that he was taking steps to keep his body healthy, so his physical self could better serve his mental and emotional self – a self that is young and adventurous and always willing to try something new.

“I am going to start slowly,” he told me, “doing cardio, and then I am going to do some weight training to try to build up some muscle.” I was impressed and inspired with his determination. About a week after his announcement to get fit, I texted him:

Want to come to the pool today? I’m done working.

He responded: Would love to but I am on my way to the gym. Maybe tomorrow?

The next time he came to the pool with me, he said, “This is great. I’ll swim laps and get my cardio for the day.”

The next week we met for coffee, I ordered my usual grande dark roast with peppermint flavor and cream. My father surprised me yet again when instead of his usual grande dark roast with caramel and cream, he ordered just a dark roast, no flavor. “Too much sugar,” he explained, when I raised my eyebrows inquisitively.


Our conversation that day revolved around how he had been working with Dr. A to come up with a plan for his long-term health goals. “Dr. A wants me to try a detox diet for the next two weeks,” Dad told me. “I have a list of all the foods I need to eat, and the ones I should avoid, so I am going to the grocery store right after coffee today.”

Three weeks later, still exercising at the gym, still eating healthier foods per Doc’s recommendation, still attending “holy cow that’s hard!” yoga class, my dad had another announcement for me as we sat down to drink our coffee. “I lost eight pounds!”

“Wow, Dad! That’s awesome! You are such an inspiration!” I told my father with true admiration. He is a man who loves food. He loves cake, he loves ice cream, he loves pie, he loves cookies, and yet…he was suddenly eating healthier and exercising and not missing his old ways one bit.

“I don’t even crave the sugar,” he told me. “Dr. A said once my body detoxified that I wouldn’t have cravings, and she was right.” We both looked at the frosted sugar cookie my daughter was eating as we sat outside Starbucks. I tasted a little piece of it, but he refused when she offered to share with him.

“You are living proof that you can make positive, healthy changes at any age!” I told my dad. “Seriously. Can I write about you?”

Dad laughed. “Sure, I guess.”


“Maybe it will help other people see that even if they have spent a lifetime eating not so healthy foods, or being overweight, or taking medicine, that there is hope for the holistic, alternative approach, like the options offered at AC,” I said, getting more excited. “I mean, Dad, think about it! You are 75 years old and you don’t take any medication, and you are doing yoga and eating healthier! You are an inspiration to me and I’m half your age.”

“No you’re not,” said my father, smiling.

“Right! I’m slightly more than half your age; let’s not get hung up on a technicality. You are inspiring me to exercise more and eat healthier!”

My father has always been an important influence in my life, teaching me among other things, the importance of living life with a sense of adventure. Together we have ridden roller coasters; skied down some pretty big mountains; raced sailboats; sang and danced in musicals; photographed weddings, proms, and dance studios; climbed on rooftops; sung in our church choir, and countless other experiences we get to share with each other and our family. I’d like him to continue living a happy, healthy life for at least another 25 years!

Dad and I now have one more thing in common – we are both believers of the holistic healthcare we receive and are motivated to make changes, all because of AC Spine & Wellness Center.

If you want to make big changes for your health, or you simply want to get pain relief so you can live a better life, AC Spine & Wellness can help. Call today, or click here to make an appointment. Tell them Tony sent you.

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Dr. Jeanette Altieri Dr. Jeanette Altieri is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Lawrenceville community for more than 20 years.She is certified in the Webster technique, a safe and gentle technique for turning breech babies, with specialty areas in Nutrition, Pediatrics, and Pregnancy. She is an international speaker, speaking to chiropractors, their families and staff about the care of infants, children, pregnancy and motivation. She also co-hosted a local radio talk show, “Health Talk,” to help educate people on the benefits of alternative therapies and wellness.

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