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Frozen Shoulder


What is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (FSS), or "Adhesive Capsulitis" is a painful and debilitating condition of the shoulder causing a significant loss of range of motion and the ability to use the affected shoulder and arm. Frozen Shoulder Syndrome starts with a misalignment of the skull on the first cervical vertebra. This misalignment puts tension on the cranial nerve which interferes with the normal ability of a person to raise his/her arm.

The Non-Surgical Approach to Frozen Shoulder

What follows are the classic "collection of symptoms" that are associated with Frozen Shoulder. By removing the interference on this cranial nerve thru a specific manipulation, the function of the shoulder is restored. Since 2006, hundreds of patients have had their FSS successfully resolved with the OTZ method. The OTZ method is a combination of soft tissue therapy and hands-on adjustments which corrects the nerve blockage. In most cases, the severe pain and loss of range of motion improve significantly after the very first treatment!

AC Spine & Wellness Center is privileged to have Dr. Louis Cavallo as 1 of 2 Certified Providers of the OTZ method for Frozen Shoulder in the State of Georgia.


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