An Herb that Kills Cancer Cells Gives Hope for a Cure

If someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, he or she is usually presented with three options for treatment: radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery – or some combination thereof. Even with these options, the outcome is almost never that the patient will be completely cured. So, why do we continue to attempt to treat one of the most deadly diseases with methods that are mediocre at best?

“Scientists have discovered that chemotherapy fuels cancer growth and kills the patient more quickly, yet nothing has been changed…”

A Chinese herb could change everything.

According to a team of researchers from the University of Washington, artemesinin, a derivative of the wormwood plant that is commonly used in Chinese medicine, can kill 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell. And, it can do so – here’s the best part – without harming normal cells! So far, this herb is not yet available for cancer treatment in humans, but it is in the works.

It’s the “Trojan Horse” of cancer cells.

Henry Lai, leader of the research team of artemesinin’s cancer-killing properties, says that one of the reasons this herb is so successful is because, like the Trojan Horse, it sneaks up on cancer cells. The diseased cells recognize the herb as a natural, harmless protein. So, they let it in willingly, where it then proceeds to destroy the city, killing 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy one. This means that it could be manufactured into a drug with minimal side effects.

According to the Lai, human trials are still several years away, but he is hopeful that the artemisinin compound can be cheaply manufactured since the herb is so readily available. There is hope that we may live to see a cure for cancer after all.

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Dr. Jeanette Altieri Dr. Jeanette Altieri is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Lawrenceville community for more than 20 years.She is certified in the Webster technique, a safe and gentle technique for turning breech babies, with specialty areas in Nutrition, Pediatrics, and Pregnancy. She is an international speaker, speaking to chiropractors, their families and staff about the care of infants, children, pregnancy and motivation. She also co-hosted a local radio talk show, “Health Talk,” to help educate people on the benefits of alternative therapies and wellness.

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